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 Do It Yourself IEP & 504 Toolkits

IEP Testing: A Parent's Step-by-Step Guide

Want to start the IEP testing process? Get the IEP Testing: Fillable Digital Guide!

Get clarity on WHAT to say in your request letter to the school and HOW to say it. Our guide includes step-by-step instructions, IEP eligibility guidelines, a ready-to-use fillable PDF template, and how to submit your letter to the school. Created by a special education advocate and school psychologist. This incredible guide shows you how to request testing and get it approved.

Get an instant request letter with our IEP Testing: Fillable Digital Guide.


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Meeting Toolkit

Struggle to participate with your team? Get our Meeting Digital Toolkit to get things back on track.

Filled with meeting tips, communication strategies, accommodations, and prompt info, as well as a standard bell curve and performance scale, this quick and easy instant download is a lifesaver. Save hours of meeting time and put yourself in the driver’s seat. Perfect for IEP and 504 meetings, progress monitoring, and interventions.

Get a great meeting every time with our Meeting Digital Guide.


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Preparing for College with an IEP or 504 Plan

Is your teen headed to college with an IEP or 504 Plan? Get the right tools with our Digital Guide!

Understand how college looks different from high school, what the changes in the laws are, how parents can access their teens' information, and how to fully prepare your student for adult college life without stress. Includes a student worksheet, a next-step guide, disability support insider tips, parent and student vision statements, and more! Give your teen the right tools before they head off to college.

Get instant answers with our College Digital Guide.


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The Ultimate 504 Guide

Need help with a 504 Plan? Get everything you need with our Ultimate 504 Digital Guide.

Discover the secrets your school doesn't want you to know: how to request a 504, qualification guidelines, meeting checklists, discipline rules, procedural safeguards, sample request letters, and how to take your 504 to college. Over 40 pages of insider strategies and tools to advocate for your child or student like a pro.

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