Do It Yourself IEP Workshops

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Learn how to advocate from the comfort of home. Our on-demand workshops make it easy to learn your own pace, whether you're a parent, teacher, or service provider. No more "wait and see" from the school. Get the insider tips, guides and how-tos without delay. Our DIY workshops cover everything from Requesting Testing to Understanding Reports, mastering Parent Participation, and how to rock your next IEP Meeting. Get step-by-step guidance and practical strategies for effective IEP advocacy.

Our user-friendly platform delivers bite-sized video lessons, downloadable resources, professional templates, worksheets, and real-life examples. We equip you with everything you need so you can advocate right now. You'll not only get a behind-the-scenes look at the special education process, but you'll also every tried and true methods to all your challenges like a pro.

On-Demand Learning, Your Way

How to Request Testing

If you're seeking guidance on getting or improving your child's IEP, our expert guide will show you the way. Gain access to insider tips that explain the process and provide you with choices. Learn from an experienced special education advocate. Things get done fast so that you can kick start the testing process without further delay. By completing this workshop, you will:

  • Communicate effectively to advocate for your child.
  • Initiate the testing process fast.
  • Understand each step of the process
  • Write professional letters
  • Feel fully prepared for every meeting

Understanding Reports

Navigating through reports can be overwhelming, but our workshop will help you make sense of every detail, enabling you to better assist your child. A trusted school psychologist will guide you through the reports, deciphering what each score means. You'll also receive support in identifying the necessary accommodations and services for your child. By completing this workshop, you'll achieve the following:

  • Efficiently scanning reports
  • Understanding the significance of scores
  • Advocating for the right support and services
  • Effectively relating reports to IEPs
  • Feeling confident and in control during every meeting

Parent Participation

If you've experienced communication challenges with your child's school, our workshop will alleviate this headache. Our expert will teach you what to ask for and how to obtain it, transforming your requests and responses. You'll receive guidance on engaging in meaningful participation during IEP meetings and gain the skills to write professional letters and parent reports. By completing this workshop, you'll attain the following abilities:

  • Clear and effective communication with schools
  • Active and meaningful participation in IEP meetings
  • Knowledge of what to ask for and strategies to obtain it
  • Writing professional letters and parent reports
  • Feeling confident and secure at the table

IEP Meetings

Are IEP meetings a constant source of frustration? Our workshop will provide you with the tools to take charge and feel supported. You'll understand what IEPs should truly look like and learn strategies to clearly communicate your requests and responses with the team. With a strategic plan before, during, and after meetings, you'll exude confidence and security. By completing this course, you'll achieve the following:

  • Comprehensive understanding of IEP expectations
  • Effective communication of requests and responses
  • Strategic planning for before, during, and after meetings
  • Complete confidence and security at the table

Everything is Included

Flexibility is key, which is why our on-demand workshops allow you to learn at your own pace. With lifetime access, you can revisit lessons each and every time you need them. Whether you're new to special education or wanting to enhance your skills, our IEP workshops are a cost-effective alternative to hiring an attorney or in-person advocate.

Take control of your IEP advocacy journey, right now. Choose the workshop that aligns with your goals, or bundles to save big. Explore your options and empower yourself to advocate like a pro.

Build a Better IEP® Workshops

 Learning at your fingertips

You need a guide to show you how to get started or make your child's IEP better. You’d love insider tips to EXPLAIN the process to give you choices. You want to sit down with an advocate to show you how things get done fast.

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You want to make sense of everything to help your child. You want a school psychologist to SHOW what reports mean so that you can participate like a pro. You need an advocate to help you find every bit of data.

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Up until now, communication with your school has been a headache. You want an EXPERT to show you what to ask for and how to get it. You need help with your requests and responses. You want an ADVOCATE to help you participate like a pro, without stress.

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IEPs have been a continual mess for a while. You feel alone on the team, and it makes you insane! What's said and what's actually written down never match up. You want to be FULLY prepared for meetings. You need an advocate to show the way.

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