Step by Step DIY Workshops for a Successful IEP

Everything You Need, Without the Wait

Is your child struggling? I see you and know you're tired... Here's the truth. The only way to make it better is if you take action. Get breakthrough results with our Do It Yourself workshops!

Go behind the scenes to discover what your school doesn't want you to know. Get IEP tools and ready-to-use templates, all from the comfort of home.

Stop searching and start advocating now.

You need a guide to show you how to get started or make your child's IEP better. You’d love insider tips to EXPLAIN the process to give you choices. You want to sit down with an advocate to show you how things get done fast.

Get an IEP

You want to make sense of everything to help your child. You want a school psychologist to SHOW what reports mean so that you can participate like a pro. You need an advocate to help you find every bit of data.

Get Better Reports

Up until now, communication with your school has been a headache. You want an EXPERT to show you what to ask for and how to get it. You need help getting your school to listen. You want an ADVOCATE to help get things back on track.

Get Better Communication

IEPs have been a continual mess. You feel alone, and it makes you insane! What's said and what's actually written down never match up. You want to be FULLY prepared for meetings. You need an advocate to show the way.

Get Better Meetings

What people are saying about RISE Workshops:

Without April’s IEP workshops, my son would have never gotten the IEP he needed. For years, we had been asking to get him tested. As a single dad, I couldn’t find the help I needed online. Everything was just so confusing… I stumbled into Rise and took April’s How to Request testing Workshop. Within days, I turned in my letter. No joke, the district said “yes” right away. To top it off, my son got a good evaluation and an IEP with the right services. I ended up taking all of April’s Workshops. They are a game changer! Take her workshops if your child has an IEP or needs one."

Reza Khorramian, Parent 

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“After finishing the How to Request Testing Workshop, I have a clear understanding of parental rights, how to ask for testing (and a template to help), along with strategies to make it through the entire process! April's done a fantastic job explaining and helping parents know how to navigate the journey with ease. We are not alone.”

Stacie, RSP Teacher, Special Education Mom

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“Taking the Understanding Reports Workshop taught me the importance of recommendations being tied to IEP goals and why referrals help identify the right tests to give! Eligibility is based on the IEP team and not solely on the assessor’s recommendation. I feel more confident explaining psycho-educational reports, after taking the course.”

Shady Z., School Psychologist

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Trying to get your kid tested for a disability in public schools can be a confusing, and even harrowing, experience. There are so many barriers to testing that it seems impossible it will ever get done. Rise Educational Advocacy's How to Request Testing Workshop makes this labyrinthine process clear and accessible. The course helped me realize I need to use certain, specific, words and phrases in my communication with the school in order to actually get my child tested (instead of just scheduled for endless meetings with no real progress). I'm so grateful for April and Rise Education - thanks so much for your help."

Jessie, Parent

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