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"I promise you inspirational moments, practical strategies, short-term wins, and long-term progress. I can't wait to help you get started."

April Rehrig

  Founder of Rise

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Build a Better IEP™ Courses:

Does your child need testing?

On-demand IEP training at your fingertips.

After this course, you will…

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Start the testing process, no more waiting.
  • Understand every step of the process.
  • Know how to write professional letters.
  • Feel completely prepared for every meeting.

All for only $296!


Need to understand evaluations?

On-demand IEP training at your fingertips.

After this course, you will…

  • Scan reports fast.
  • Understand what scores mean.
  • Get the right support and services.
  • Connect report to IEPs.
  • Feel completely in control, for every meeting.

 All for only $298!


Is your school not listening at IEPs?

On-demand IEP training at your fingertips.

After this course, you will…

  • Clearly communicate with schools.
  • Meaningfully participate at IEPs.
  • Know what to ask for & how to get it.
  • Write professional letters and reports.
  • Feel confident and secure at the table.

 All for only $364!


IEP Meetings

Want better IEP meetings?

On-demand IEP training at your fingertips.

After this course, you will…

  • Understand what IEPs should look like.
  • Clearly communicate requests or responses with teams.
  • Have a strategic plan before, during, and after meetings.
  • Feel completely confident and secure at the table.

 All for only $346!


Have you ever left your child’s IEP feeling confused, and unable to meaningfully participate?

Tired of spending hours online pouring over listservs with nothing to guide your way? You’ve come to the right place!

Transform ineffective assessments and IEPs into strength-based reports and productive IEPs. After more than 20 years as a school psychologist, parent, and educator, April has developed a successful framework full of special education training and workshops just for you.


She’s done the research, consolidating best practices with proven results. There has never been a more important time to help kids thrive.

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The Initial Special Education Voyage

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New to IEPs and need the process explained? 

Rise takes you step-by-step through the voyage with an easy-to-understand free roadmap. 

Our guide helps you:

  • Understand the IEP process
  • Ensure your child makes meaningful progress
  • Get clarity to navigate your child's educational plan
  • And more!
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What people are saying...

“April is my "go to" on evaluations! Her expertise and communication skills set her above other school psychologists. Quite simply, she knows her stuff and can explain things in a way that you’ll understand! April has been in the trenches – in the schools, for her own family, and for her clients. When she presents, you feel her experiences and wisdom coming through in every topic.”

Ashley Barlow, Special Education Attorney, Ashley Barlow Co.

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“I have had the privilege of collaborating with IEP Expert and Coach, April Rehrig on a few occasions. She is an excellent resource and is genuinely passionate about serving and educating parents. Anyone who consults with April, will be very grateful and very informed. I will definitely refer parents to her, for a long time.”

Jessica Patay, Founder/Executive Director, We Are Brave Together

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“After finishing How to Request Testing toolkit, I have a clear understanding of parental rights, how to ask for testing (and a template to help), along with strategies to make it through the entire process! April has done a fantastic job explaining and helping parents know how to navigate the journey with ease. We are not alone.”

Stacie, , RSP Teacher, Special Education Mom

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“April is truly a blessing! I admire how she educates and advocates for parents. I appreciate how she aided me in addressing all my concerns; getting my son the services he needs. I'm truly grateful!”

Johnta W. , Parent

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“April did a great job turning the idea of creating consumer friendly reports into great tangible ideas for our Team. It’s so helpful to have the perspective of a school psychologist on how to embed advocacy into our work. Thanks, April!”

Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D., Speaker, Author, School Psychologist

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“As a board member, April’s integrity, leadership and willingness to share her personal and professional expertise enhances the lives of others at Lincoln Training Center.”

Caron Nunez, President, Lincoln Training Center

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“April impressed me with her knowledge, experience, and skill set as an advocate. I trust her input and expertise without hesitation.”

Marisol C., Learning Rights Law Center

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“The Understanding Reports toolkit taught me the importance of recommendations being tied to IEP goals and why referrals help identify the right tests to give! Eligibility is based on the IEP team and not solely on the assessor’s recommendation. I feel more confident explaining psycho-educational reports.”

Shady Z., School Psychologist

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