How to Request Testing

Get your child the IEP they deserve.

Get the workshop that fully prepares you

How to Request Testing

Easy-to-use checklists and worksheets
2 Fillable Request Letter Templates
Tons of how-to videos
A walk-through of the entire process



What I’m about to share changes everything…

Child struggling in school

Your child is having a hard time in school.

All you want is help, and you need to get the ball rolling.

Up until now, you’ve been asking, but nothing has changed. Your school wants you to wait and see as your child falls further and further behind.

You need a guide to show you how to start with your first IEP or get a better one. You need someone to EXPLAIN the process without the wait.

You know things need to change right now.


If you do this alone, you won't get the right support...

What if you could sit down with an advocate who showed you how?

How to Request Testing

Get your child the IEP they deserve.

  • Step-by-Step Video Guides (Value $250).
  • Record Review Checklist (Value $50).
  • What to Expect Checklist (Value $50).
  • Getting Started Worksheets (Value $50). 
  • How to Prep for the IEP Guide (Value $50).
  • 2 Fillable Request Letter Templates (Value $250).
  • 2 Fillable IEP Worksheets (Value $100).

VALUE = $800

ONLY $47 for Lifetime access


After finishing, you will…

  • Communicate like a pro.

  • Jump start the testing process.

  • Know exactly what to do.

  • Write request letters like a pro.