IEP Services and Workshops


  Virtual Parent IEP Coaching

Experience a seamless IEP or 504 journey with personalized Virtual Parent IEP Coaching. Work with April to get step-by-step guidance through your child's education journey. April's personalized approach offers a mix of one-on-one coaching, live IEP or 504 training, and hands-on support to get your child the best education plan that they deserve. 

April's do-it-with-you approach is unlike anything else. She walks you through the process and shows you HOW to advocate like a pro.

Her coaching is highly personalized and puts you in complete control. After an initial intake, April conducts an in-depth file review. While April reviews your child's history, you dive deep into IEP training. With full access to EVERY online course, you'll learn how to advocate like a pro!

After your initial course, you and April will review together your Customized Action Plan. From there, you'll get targeted support with complete preparation before your next meeting and/or evaluation. When you work with April, you'll learn WHAT to ask for and HOW to get it.

Advocacy + Training

Personalized guidance doesn’t just impart knowledge, it builds your advocacy from the ground up. With April as your coach, you'll gain a robust understanding of every aspect of your child's education plan. April's hands-on proactive approach gives you all the tools you'll need to champion your child's education, like a pro. No more tears and no more waiting. Once you work with April, you'll be able to clearly communicate AND document all your child's learning needs. Start the special education training with April. Learn more and apply today.


  Group IEP Training

Our Group IEP Training for teachers and parents is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need for effective advocacy. With April's comprehensive training, your group will gain a deep understanding of the IEP and 504 process and learn how to navigate plans confidently. You will be guided through the intricacies of IEP planning, implementation, and monitoring.

Get Better School Meetings

Get empowered with our breakthrough training. Gain a deep understanding of How to Request Testing, Understanding Reports, IEP Meetings, Parent Participation, or create a custom presentation based on your needs. Get focused support on both process and experience at the IEP table. Choose a 1-course training, half or full day. All courses come with custom bonus sessions for hands-on learning. Every participant leaves with a complete digital or physical workbook. Virtual or in-person options are available.

Real-World Solutions that Work

Whether you're a teacher or provider, get a clear understanding of special education to best support your students' needs. Go behind the scenes of IEP assessments, goal setting, communication strategies, and collaboration confidently with your team. Finally get the IEP training you deserve to champion kids' needs. 



Virtual IEP Courses

Get the training you deserve, all from the comfort of home. On-demand and online, learn at your own pace. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or provider get the insider knowledge you need without the wait. Learn How to Request Testing, Understand Reports, master Parent Participation, or rock your next IEP Meeting. Our online IEP courses are designed to meet the specific needs of anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of the IEP process.

Each course is carefully crafted to provide step-by-step guidance and practical strategies for effective IEP advocacy. With bite-size videos, downloadable resources, professional templates, worksheets, and real-life examples, you'll get everything you need, fast. Go behind the scenes of special education to learn what it looks like, then learn our unique method to break through any challenge like a pro.

Get What you Need in Less than 24 hours

Whether you are new to the IEP process or knee-deep in IEPs, our advocacy training will save you hours of research and thousands in attorney or advocacy fees. Online and on-demand, you choose when you want to be trained. With lifetime access to all content, repeat the course or get a refresher before every IEP. Your advocacy, your way. Enroll in one course or take them all to advocate like a pro from home.

How to Request Testing

The online special education course you've been waiting for. Begin your journey on IEP services with insider tips on how to get the job done! 

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Understanding Reports

In this online course for special education, a school psychologist will SHOW what reports mean so that you can participate like a pro.

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Parent Participation

Expert advice on what to ask and how to get it. Advocate like a pro with this online IEP course.

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IEP Meetings

Learn to advocate with this online IEP course and be FULLY prepared for your next IEP meeting!

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 IEP Guides

Our comprehensive Guides provide resources and practical tips for parents, teachers, and students navigating education plans. Whether you are a parent seeking support for your young child or a student preparing for college, each guide offers step-by-step instructions, expert advice, and valuable tips to ensure a successful journey.

Each guide tackles common challenges within education plans then spells out the entire process giving you clarity and confidence at the table.

Choose Your Guide

Our Ultimate 504 Guide provides comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of Plan development. From how to request a 504, qualification guidelines, meeting checklists, discipline rules, procedural safeguards, sample request letters, or transitioning to college our Guide has it all. Get the insider strategies and tools you deserve to effectively advocate for your child or student.

Preparing for College wih an IEP or 504 Plan

For 504 and IEP students preparing for college, our Guide provides insights specifically tailored to the higher education environment. From understanding the transition process to self-advocacy and accessing disability supports, this guide equips your child or student with the right tools to thrive academically and personally.